Create your own unique griptape to complement your own unique style…


Custom Lasercut Griptape £24 (including Free UK Delivery)
Skative Stock Lasercut Griptape £12 (including Free UK Delivery)

Note: The Skative Stock Griptapes are currently being designed and therefore not available at this moment.

Love Skate Griptape

Love Skate Laser Cut Griptape

To contrast with the black stained deck, I applied the same, but modified for laser cutting design to the orange grip tape.  As the design was quite intricate I needed to perforate the shapes, so it would stay together when I applied the grip tape to the skateboard deck.   I change the lines to […]

Go Griptape

Go Laser Cut Griptape

This works great on the green grip tape, but would also complement your deck with the traditional black griptape. Please note the green Enuff griptape is very course and will destroy your trainers…

Creative Skative Commons Griptape

Creative Skative Commons Laser Cut Griptape

A slightly modified Creative Commons BY-SA logo, cut out of this sky blue griptape. Along with the BarkEng Mad logo cut out of the middle. This griptape was originally designed for and applied on the laser engraved Creative Skative Commons Deck.

Red Pill Blue Pill Griptape

Inspired by the scene Red Pill Blue Pill scene from the Matrix film, I created this concept deck, making good use of the red griptape. This was the first griptape I cut on the reverse side, allowing me to cut through the adhesive backing while perforating the griptape.The laser power was set a little too […]