Local Lines – Collaborative Skateboard Art

Through the collaboration with local artists, Skative has created a collection of engraved skateboards, originally exhibited at the 2018 Wirksworth Arts Festival. New processes were explored and created to translate the artist preferred medium into a series of complex lines, laser engraved onto a blank skateboard deck. A complimentary design was also laser cut into griptape.

There are only one deck of each design for sale, each at £120 and include a wall hanger. All proceed go towards the Skate Wirksworth skatepark campaign.

There are typically 2 types of laser engraving, raster or vector. Raster engraving is similar to a printer, where the laser head moves left and right and moves down the design step by step, removing the desired surface of the material. Vector engraving is similar to a plotter, following the lines of the design effectively cutting them into the surface of the skateboard deck. Great results can be achieved by raster engraving skateboards and is a more popular method, partly due to is simplicity in converting artwork. However, optimised vector engraving is the superior method of lasering the skateboards and will be solely used for this project, for the following reasons…

  • An optimised cut depth is less likely to effect the physical integrity and performance of the deck.
  • Well design artwork reduces the laser time of a full deck, reducing the energy consumption, wear on the laser tube and therefore environmental impact.
  • The engraved lines and design will remain visible even after used for board, nose and tail slides. Once its time to retire and replace the deck it makes great wall art with the additional character the rider has applied to the design.
  • Designing for vector engraving is more challenging and therefore provokes greater thinking from the artist and Skative.
  • Creating and cutting lines is akin to the true act of skateboarding itself.

James Green

“I am an artist/printmaker based in Sheffield, and I specialise in linocuts and screen-prints. My subjects range from landscapes, to UK wildlife to surreal donkey compositions. I love the boldness of print-making and that you are not always in control of the process. Outside of my personal work, I have created commissions for people like […]

Gavin Repton

I’ve been making films for over 15 years, I grew up in Wirksworth and I started filming my friends and I exploring the landscape and quarries, and building jumps and riding bikes. This led me to pursue a career in filmmaking. I work with artists and creators in the local area as well as further […]

Ian Groom

I moved to Wirksworth when I was 10. Back then BMXing was the thing, There was no proper track, no stunt park, no particular space set aside for our pursuit of excellence – so we rode everywhere, all over town – enfant terrible on the rampage! With bike I took flight, to study Fine Art […]

Anna Mawby & Joanna Leah

Anna lives and practices in Wirksworth and is a member of Haarlam Art Space. Joanna lives in Belper and works as an Artist and Lecturer. Anna and Joanna have known each other for 10 years and have shared interests in text art, body-image-space and philosophy. This was an exciting opportunity to work together on their […]

Zoe Genders

An Artist and Associate Lecturer based in Sheffield, Zoe works with various media – paper cut artwork, mural painting and prop making. Her work often includes geometric shapes, a nod to nature and a pop of colour. ‘I was a student at Anthony Gell School, 1991 – 1996 while living in Matlock Bath. My folks […]

Rosanna Scrase

I am a mix media artist based in Haarlem Mill Artspace in Wirksworth. I grew up in Derbyshire, so spent a lot of my childhood going on many walks and playing in the countryside. I loved to live (and still do) in my imagination, coming up with characters and other worlds in my head then […]

Chris Symes

My name is Chris Symes and I’m from Derby. My grandad taught me how to draw when I was a young, this grew my passion for art. At an early age I knew I wanted to be an artist. I was diagnosed with autism 3 years ago. I have found being creative really helps with […]

Ella Storm

I’ve lived in the area around Wirksworth for over a decade and it truly is like no other place. Everyone in this community cares about each other and will come together to make something great happen. I feel like it’s always going to be a place I call home and will always be close to […]