Skative is a social enterprise oriented project, born out of the Laser Engraved Skateboards of BarkEng Mad Ltd. BarkEng Mad specialises in the Making, Hacking, Open Source & Free Culture.

While experimenting with laser cutting different materials, I designed and engraved the Sugar Skull Deck. When exhibiting my work, skateboarders would ask me how they ride, but unfortunately I couldn’t tell them, as I have given up skateboarding when I went to University, 17 years ago. When exhibiting at the Derby Maker Faire, one attendee highlighted that he was forty and still skated. He only actually started a few year back and was the best decision he had made.

I had contemplated starting skating again before, but was always convinced by my peers that I was too old and should just leave it to the youth of today. I also feared looking “uncool” to both the youth and my peers.

But then it would be uncool to care too much what others think and not pursue what is true to me. So, I am a skateboarder once again.