Skateboarding is so much more than shaped plywood, truck wheels and tricks. These Skative projects and initiatives are critical components to Skative exploring, embracing and supporting skateboarding culture, while sharing that journey with others in and outside the community.

Skate Wirksworth

The wooden Skatepark of Wirksworth is fast approaching the end of its life and now needs replacing with a longer term, purpose built concrete facility. This has reignited the “Skatepark Committee”, who specifically volunteer to raise funds and awareness of the maintenance and forthcoming renewal of the Skatepark. The Skatepark Committee primarily consists of volunteering Skateboarders, BMX’ers, parents of users of the Skatepark. Both owner of Skative is both a skateboarder and parent and is a core committee member, utilising Skative laser engraving/cutting facilities where possible. We have created “Skate Wirksworth” branded merchandise, such as the offical deck, griptape, plus keyrings, grip patches and stencils.


Wirksworth Festival 2018

The WIrksworth Festival is possibly the most important event in the Wirksworth calender, as it is estimated that 10,000 people attend it each year. The WIrksworth Festival not only brings in people from all walks of life from the surrounding areas, but also presents the opportunity for residents of Wirksworth to see it through a different lens. This is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the Skatepark, the valuable community asset it is and why we need it renewing.

We will be curating a skateboard related art exhibition hosted at the Skatepark that is on the offical Wirksworth Festival Arts Trail (8th -9th September). The exhibition will include, collaborative laser engraved skateboard art, graffiti artists using the Skatepark as a canvas and the performance art of skateboarding.

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