I’ve lived in the area around Wirksworth for over a decade and it truly is like no other place. Everyone in this community cares about each other and will come together to make something great happen. I feel like it’s always going to be a place I call home and will always be close to my heart. Wirksworth has so much to offer, and anyone else who has been to visit will agree. I also have my GCSE work up in Anthony Gell school.

For my skateboard design I started by looking at my other work and picking out what sort of things I’ve enjoyed drawing before. From that I decided on something to do with eyes and whales and tried a few different styles in pencil and chose which one I liked best. Then I transferred it to the scale it needed to be and gave it to Morgan to laser the design.

The reason why I like drawing eyes so much is because I find them so intricately beautiful. How everybody’s are different and they can show so much emotion. And I find whales so graceful, they have so much personality. The eye in this piece of work is almost like an all seeing entity over life, which the whale represents.


Ella Storm hand drawing her skateboard line art
Ella Storm with her laser engraved skateboard design and lasercut griptape at the 2018 Wirksworth Festival