I am a mix media artist based in Haarlem Mill Artspace in Wirksworth. I grew up in Derbyshire, so spent a lot of my childhood going on many walks and playing in the countryside. I loved to live (and still do) in my imagination, coming up with characters and other worlds in my head then transferring them onto paper. I became fixated on becoming an artist from a very early age. I followed this dream, went to college to study BTEC Art and design at 16 and went on further to complete a Fine Art degree at Nottingham Trent university. I moved back to Derbyshire after leaving university and now work in my studio in Wirksworth, doing freelance commission based work and carry out my own artistic practise. I am exhibiting in my space at Haarlem mill during the Wirksworth festival.

For my design I chose to use one of my favourite imaginary characters; ‘Mr Fuzzy’, who has become a bit of a icon within my work and never fails to make me smile. I felt he would work really well aesthetically transferred onto a skateboard. I wanted my drawing to have a sense of naive humour to it but also to be something artistically pleasing to look at. I used him as the main focus and built a fantastical, dreamy scene around him.

My work has taken on many processes throughout the years from large sculptural work to ceramics. An underling, supporting medium to my practise is, (and always has been) drawing, which I have used to evolve my thoughts and work. At the moment it is my primary discipline. I work through drawing and painting processes, incorporating other materials such as embroidery to support this, capturing anything that has an interest to me. This can be images I find fascinating, stories people have written and wanted me to bring to life, or just some bizarre, imaginary creatures that have been plucked straight from my head.


Rosanna Scrase with her laser engraved skateboard and laser cut griptape design at the 2018 Wirksworth Festival