My name is Chris Symes and I’m from Derby. My grandad taught me how to draw when I was a young, this grew my passion for art. At an early age I knew I wanted to be an artist. I was diagnosed with autism 3 years ago. I have found being creative really helps with my diagnosis and helps me express myself.

My design is inspired by the pulp scifi comics of the 1930’s and B movies from the 60’s. I wanted to give it a “Flash Gordon” vibe, with the “Killer Fembot” charm that you only get with the “it’s so bad it’s good” movies.

I focus mainly on drawing with pencils and ink. I build up my pictures in the same way a comic artist would, by starting with drawing skeletons in pencil and adding details as I go, (followed by a lot of erasing). Then I begin the process of inking to really add depth to the picture and bringing them to life.