I moved to Wirksworth when I was 10. Back then BMXing was the thing,
There was no proper track, no stunt park, no particular space set aside for our pursuit of excellence – so we rode everywhere, all over town – enfant terrible on the rampage!
With bike I took flight, to study Fine Art and beyond, to a career within the Art world.
2 wheels or 4, it’s important that there’s a place to play.

one plus one equals One.
I’m fascinated by union and by the universe, by mythology and mutual passion but mostly by cosmic consciousness.
This design is a rummage through my symbolic mind and an expression of the need to rediscover ancient wisdom.
Using images as doorways into the Mothership and the mystical power of love, to merge humans with the divine.
Drawing is a timeless way of communication, scribbles, straight, flowing, lines lead wherever.

Ian Groom’s hand drawn skateboard Art
Ian Groom with his Skateboard and Griptape at 2018 Wirksworth Festival