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Ep1 Dani Abulhawa - Performative Explorations of Skateboarding

Having taken a 17 year break from skateboarding and now developing my very own UK skateboard brand, I invite you to listen in on a series of discussions with interesting people, where I hope to learn more about this fascinating industry.

Dani Adbulhawa kindly accepted my invitation to be the first interviewee on this brand new podcast. We discuss her thesis and how it relates to skateboarding.

Dani shares her experience as girl skateboarder and her views on how the industry is changing for the better, with the advent of Girl Skate UK.

We exchange some of the unexpected benefits of being the older skater and how putting out some edits can be liberating for those with less confidence.

I highlight the new up and coming Women’s Division in Street League and ask for Dani’s thought, plus her take on the likely skateboarding in the Olympics.

NOTE: Due to a series of personal circumstances I have delayed the release of this initial interview recording back in September 2015. I am currently renovating my new home, so am without my own office/studio. Once I have it set up again I will re-upload with an intro and outro and line up my 2nd interview. At that point I will be publishing on the popular podcast directories to reach a wider audience and start putting out regular content.



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